Ever since I was a teenager, my dream has been to travel abroad to Europe and bask in the literary history of Keats, Austen, Shakespeare, Dickens, etc. Well, that was many years ago. One thing led to another and my dream kept getting put aside. That is, until now.

My oldest daughter graduates next year with a degree in communications. She has inherited the writing gene and like me, wants to travel as well. So as a graduation gift to her, and a long awaited gift to myself, we are planning to take a trip together when she completes her last semester.

We have been scoping out websites to organize the most fulfilling trip we could have. My daughter sent me the following link from “lonely planet,” http://www.lonelyplanet.com/great-britain/travel-tips-and-articles/77625, which lists places and towns Jane Austen used in her novels. Needless to say, I am giddy with excitement.


(Photo of Peak District by Shaun Dunphy)

I know thousands of these trips are taken every year, but this is my first time traveling abroad to places I’ve always wanted to visit. In fact, my ultimate dream is to reside in a little cottage somewhere in the English countryside.

So now that we have the Jane Austen portion of our trip sorted out, next it’s adding Keats, Shakespeare, etc.

How about you? Have you done any traveling which encompassed visiting places of literary greats? If so, what was your favorite? If not, where would you like to go? Feel free to post a picture of your excursion.

Happy Traveling!

Christine Maria Jahn