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As many of my friends, and even some of my writer fans know, I love reading books by Beth Moore. I have also done a few of her bible studies with my ladies bible study group. And there is a moment from time to time when there is a line she has written that just resonates deep within me; a line or phrase that touches the inner sanctum of my spirit; a word or two that gives me a new perception of a bible verse or incident.

This happened once again only a few days ago. I am reading Beth Moore’s Portraits of Devotion. On page 136, Beth is describing what John the Baptist must have thought and felt when he was summoned to baptize Jesus. “…I consented, shaking all over. I placed my left hand on His back and my right hand on His chest. I felt the heartbeat of the Son of God.” Wow! Does that give you chills as it does me? I never, ever, thought of Jesus’ baptism from the point of view of John the Baptist.

Imagine being that close to our Savior and feeling His heart beating; pulsing under your fingertips. The thought overwhelmed me a few days ago and has, in fact, stayed with me ever since I read that passage. And the more I think of it, the more I realize I did feel His wondrous heartbeat…in my three children when they were born and first laid upon my chest. Even before they were born, I heard their hearts beating during several ultrasounds. How blessed we are as mothers to receive such a gift as those precious heartbeats. And to take the thought even deeper, did Mary, the mother of Jesus giggle when the unborn Savior rolled over in her womb? Did she keep her hand on her belly for long periods of time just embracing the little kicks? I cannot believe otherwise.

Am I in awe of John the Baptist and his closeness to the heartbeat of the Son of God? Absolutely! But I realize also, that God did not only give that heartbeat to John the Baptist to feel. God gave it to all of us.


Christine Maria Jahn