I have not done a blog post in a very long time. Truth be told, even though I write stories and poetry, I just have not felt myself to be a blogger. But with an upcoming trip to Senegal, the Lord has really been laying on my heart to do one. And now. So here goes.

We have become a society so self-centered, that if our food at a restaurant is five degrees colder than we like it, or if we get caught at a red light when we’re running late, or even worse…we are told at checkout that the sale we thought was still ongoing actually ended the day before, we FREAK OUT! And for what? Bottom line…at least we have food to eat, the red light is temporary (and maybe we should also set our alarms to go off earlier or better still…stop hitting the snooze button), and there will always be another sale.

I have seen pictures from different missionaries in Senegal, including several from Joe and Melissa Fleming whom I will be working with on my first trip. Some of these pictures are of the area, and some are of the street children there. And guess what? We all need to reset our self center switch to awareness of others.

We need, and MUST, put JESUS CHRIST back in our hearts. If you think He’s there, take a look around. We don’t have Him filling our hearts entirely, do we? Every moment that we are breathing, a little one is holding his or her breath in fear. Every second we are inside our secure houses, a little one is forced to beg on the street. Every night when we tuck our children and ourselves into our warm, comfy beds, a little one is getting severely beaten before laying his or her head down on a dirt floor. And every time we boohoo about a blister or a paper cut, a little one is hoping that someone will wipe away his or her tears and make the bruises and wounds feel better.

I have never been on a mission trip, in fact, I never thought I would go on one. But when you see God’s work in your life, and the provisions He gives, and the LOVE and FAITHFULNESS in His every action, then you MUST re-evaluate your priorities. The temperature of the food no longer matters as much as it once did, the 30 seconds at a red light are now used as moments of communication with God, and the sale I missed…well, then I didn’t the latest gadget or another purse, etc.

My first trip to Senegal will not be a long one, but I already feel the conviction of returning. And while I will miss seeing my own children and grandchildren while I’m gone, I know God will take care of them for me.

So in closing this post, I ask prayers that God instills me with love, mercy, compassion, grace, courage, strength, and boldness. And add an extra prayer for protection (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual); and discernment to recognize the distraction tricks that Satan will no doubt throw at me. He has been trying to scare me away from Senegal, but His manifestation tactics are not working, for my GOD is GREATER, more POWERFUL, and already VICTORIOUS.

I have come to like a verse in Nehemiah 6:3, which says: “I am doing a great work, so that I cannot come down…” And I know in the depths of my soul that my great work is not just writing inspirational children’s books and donating them to missionaries, but a greater work will be serving in Senegal; loving on street children like Jesus would and staying obedient to God’s calling. Because I am a lowly sinner saved by God’s grace, it would be remiss of me to ignore this most humbling of works He has placed on my heart.

I don’t know what all I will experience during my time in Senegal, but I know God will be with me every step of the way. He always was, and always will be. He is mine. And I am His. You are His as well. Do you hear Him calling? He wants to use you. Answer Him. You will not regret it. I promise.

Love and Blessings,

Christine Maria Jahn