About Christine Maria Jahn

Saving Alessandra is my first published novel. My love of words began during daily sessions of crossword puzzles with my dad. My passion for writing grew to include poetry in high school, and further still during college.

I wrote my first manuscript the summer I graduated high school. I still have that manuscript, which was typed using a manual typewriter. No personal computers back in 1981 as we have now. Sometimes I miss the loud clicking of the keys as the letters hit the paper and getting ink on my fingers from changing the ribbon. And I can’t forget the ding, always letting me know when it’s time to do a cartridge return. Hah…some of you young ones are probably scratching your heads asking, “What’s a cartridge return and why is the typewriter dinging?”

My fascination with late eighteenth through early nineteenth century historical fiction was sparked when I first saw the music video “Stand and Deliver” by Adam and the Ants. I think I was around eighteen at the time. It was shortly thereafter that I bought my first historical fiction romance, A Rose in Winter, authored by the late Kathleen E. Woodiwiss. It remains my all-time favorite novel of any genre to this day.

Currently, I am working on two sequels to Saving Alessandra. One of which is about Alessandra’s brother, Sebastian. Some of you have asked me if he would have his own story, and I am happy to say, he does. It’s been a slow process, but hopefully Sebastian’s story will be out by the end of the summer, beginning of fall.

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Many Blessings!
Christine Maria Jahn


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