Weekly Writer’s Challenge

Each week I will post a fun writing challenge. If the interest increases, there just may be a prize during one or more of these challenges. We shall see. My goal, though, is to create a fun online get-together for fiction writers. Let your muses guide you. All I ask is to please watch the language in your posts and responses. No vulgarity and no inappropriate connotations (which means no erotica or anything sexually explicit , etc.). And be kind when commenting on posts from others. Let’s keep this a happy fun-filled page. Thanks!

This first challenge is called “Ten to One.” I never heard of this type of writing exercise until my oldest daughter explained how her writing group did this. It is meant to help you write more concisely. Therefore, the result should be an entire story, written in exactly ten sentences. However, there is an additional twist. The first line must contain ten words. The second line just nine words. The third, eight words; and so forth. The last line, which is the ending of your story, will be only one word.

Okay…so let’s begin.

The theme for this week’s Ten to One challenge is “A Day at the Beach.” I know, pretty dull. But that’s where your awesome creativity is needed. Deadline for this challenge is Monday 12:00pm. Post your story as a comment. The winner will be chosen by the number of likes his/her story receives.


8 thoughts on “Weekly Writer’s Challenge”

  1. What are the Odds?
    By: Allison K. Garcia

    Never in my wildest imaginations would I have dreamt it. Of all the boys in school, she picked me.

    Her hair sparkled in the sun, radiance captured. Her blue eyes beam over her sunglasses. A smile meant only for me.

    I can’t believe my luck. Susie next to me. In a bikini. Best day. Ever.

  2. Deborah Foy said:


    I always imagined death would be violent, dark, or lonely. Glass and bone shattered in a screeching car wreck. Consumed by pain as cancer ate my organs. Neglected in a strange bed at ninety. No sun or sand or sea.

    But this was almost nice.
    The tide taking over.
    Exhausted from fighting.
    Sunlight gleaming.

    Deb Foy

  3. Deb Foy said:

    Thanks 🙂

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