Reader Reviews: Saving Alessandra

I have received many comments regarding my novel, SAVING ALESSANDRA, from lovely readers across the country. The following are some excerpts of their reviews.

“This is a deeply moving story…you MUST check this one out!” (5 Stars – Liloshadow on goodreads)

“Can’t wait for the sequels.” (5 Stars – Garry R. Haney on Amazon)

“…wonderful story plot!” (5 Stars – Lucy on Amazon)

“..this book was very good…liked it very much.” (4 Stars – icebear s on Amazon)

“I am putting it in with my favorites.” (4 Stars – suess on Amazon)

“This is a touching story…” (4 Stars – R. Bayne “romance author” on Amazon)

“I liked the depth to the main characters…I look forward the sequel and this author’s future books!” (4 Stars – E&M on Amazon)




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